Monday, August 28, 2006

An Evening With Capstone

This evening, residents of Freetown met with Capstone, the developers of the proposed student housing project. Capstone provided pop and pizza. As was quite natural, residents had a great many questions for Capstone. Engineer Paul Meyers was particularly helpful in explaining the various details on drainage and traffic concerns. A variety of other interesting bits of information came out in the course of the dialogue. The highlights will be provided here.

  • Capstone are not prepared to offer any further funds to residents, over the $200,000 already promised.

  • Further details of the secret meeting at which the deal was agreed emerged. Apparently, the meeting was attended by Glenn Armentor, a Mr. Edwards (representing Capstone), Steve Oats (Capstone's lawyer), City Councilors Chris Williams and Bruce Conque.

  • Capstone claim that the project will make them $300,000 per year. This figure is almost certainly a lie.

  • Capstone have bought the house behind the trailer park, as they needed more space for drainage ponds.

  • Capstone are willing to meeting with a Freetown community group on a monthly basis to address issues and impacts from their development. We will have to see whether this actually happens.
  • All comments about the Capstone project should be directed to Michael Mouron, the President of Capstone. His direct line phone number is (205) 414-6423, his cell phone number is (205) 936-6423 and his e-mail is

Probably the most odd part of the whole meeting was the fact that some man showed up from J an J Exterminating, trying to get the contract for the proposed development! Needless to say, this individual spoke highly enthusiastically about the development. Residents found this whole episode bizarre. If J an J are your exterminator, now might be a good time to change companies.

Tomorrow will be the City-Parish Council meeting, which will vote on the Capstone II proposal. Hopefully, the stooges Conque and Williams will not be able to hold sway this time. As many people as possible should show up to voice their opinions against this pernicious development.


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