Saturday, September 30, 2006

Capstone III -- Confusion!

Over the weekend, residents of Freetown received a notice of a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, to consider so-called 'Capstone III'. The notice seemed to indicate that this was to involve a further 70 units. This had folks very unhappy. Now though, it appears that the extra units are not real and their mention on the plat was due to some odd kind of clerical error.

Late this afternoon, a member of the Freetown District Commission received an e-mail from Kent Campbell of Capstone in which the situation was discussed. It appears that the developers do not wish to build more units and still intend to use the land for car parking. How the misleading information appeared on the plat is still unclear. However, it is worth noting that the plat also misnames Lamar Street, Stewart Street. Campbell's claims were confirmed with the City by reporters from KATC.

Apparently, a separate planning request is needed, due to the fact that this land was not included in the Capstone II plans, because the developers did not own the land. Despite this fact, the area was included in the plans they presented.

It is still going to be important from residents to attend the meeting on the 9th of October, at 5pm. Representation is important to ensure that there are no other untoward 'surprises'. However, in the meantime it appears that the developers have not changed their plans after all, so rather than fearing a further 70 units, residents of Freetown can go back to being annoyed about the development that was promised.