Sunday, November 19, 2006


So, Capstone have started work on their unwanted student apartment project. Although there was a lot of talk about saving trees, this seems to have come to nothing. The following images document what happened to a single Pecan tree.

The first image shows the tree before the man with the backhoe started. Incidently, the driver of the backhoe, who seemed nice enough, came from an area about 300 miles South of Mexico City. So much for the claims made by Capstone about using a local labor force.

The backhoe begins...

A not so gentle push and the Pecan tree is half gone...


It does not too much more effort from the powerful machine to bring the rest of the tree down...

Well, that tree is now history! A small sacrifice to progress...You cannot make an omlette without breaking a few eggs...Trees are for hippies - Let us make some CA$H!

This Pecan was not the only tree that fell to the backhoes after the last couple of days. The following images document the large number of large and old Pecan trees, Live Oaks and other fine trees that have been ripped from the Earth and piled up like so much garbage. The carnage has just begun... [Click on each picture to see a larger image].


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