Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Man Who Sold Freetown

Now it appears that Chris Williams, the man who sold Freetown to the developers has the cheek to ask people for their votes! Williams is term limited in his position as a Coucilman. So, he is now running for the District 44 State seat. He even has the nerve to ask the residents of Freetown to vote for him. His gall is incredible!

According to the wacky Williams world view, he is somehow a hero for getting the sum of $200,000 to help preserve the history of Freetown. The fact of the matter is that he did no such thing. His constituents did not want the development. They were happy as they were, without the money. It now emerges that Williams thinks of himself as a hero. The people of Freetown think of his as a buffoon, a greedy self-serving political hack. He is no hero.

It has also come to light that a local businessman, who put up Williams to supporting the development, is paying Williams back. It seems that this individual has contributed the maximum permissable to the William's campaign. This makes Williams little better than a political whore. All his posturing about race is just an act. When it comes down to it, Williams was just looking after himself.

To add insult to injury, Williams supporters were in Freetown putting his yard signs all over the place, including on City land, which is illegal. They even put the signs in people's yards, without asking permission. These signs have now been removed and thrown away.

In a slightly ironic twist of fate, one of the people running against Williams is Fred Prejean. Prejean was one of the few people who stood up against the developers, as a member of the Lafayette Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC). The PZC, which is now under Prejean's leadership, twice voted to deny the developers permission to build their monstrosity. The City Council, led by Williams, overturned their decision. One thing is clear, Prejean is a friend of the voters of Freetown. Williams is loyal only to his own interests. Voters should keep these facts in mind on election day.